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     Engaging Seniors provides Everyday Technology Guidance to connect Seniors to vital services and opportunities in our world of rapidly changing technology.  Our organization is prioritizing the needs of Seniors  in minimizing isolation and promoting independence.  We are different from other organizations teaching Seniors about technology due to one-on-one guidance by another Senior Guide and/or offering small classes.  Seniors can trust our Guides because we do background checks on our Senior Guides to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of the individual, along with adhering to HIPAA Guidelines.

* You will learn the basic technological language, which is not common communication for our Seniors, in using the Smartphone confidently as a tool to assist in their individual needs.

* You will learn how to safely and mindfully navigate through the various scams that specifically target Seniors and how to avoid them.  This includes creating strong passwords and how to store and remember the password.

* You will be able to connect to family and friends by learning how to use various communication formats offered via Smartphones, as well as, to gain medical services and business discounts that require a specific "app".

       "As many as 77 percent of seniors report that they would require assistance were they to try and learn how to use a smartphone or tablet (Pew Research Center, 2014)".


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