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William Cleves

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Melanie Moon

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 Marlene has had a wonderful time sharing laughter presentations around the St. Louis community for the last 17 years, the last 2 years via Zoom. She and her husband recently moved to Cincinnati to be closer to her grandchildren. She has personally experienced the challenges and joy of finding her own laughter and playfulness again. Marlene has been a popular presenter of laughter programs in the community.  Word of mouth has been her best promotion.  Marlene is a retired nurse and loves to share the power of laughter - the best medicine!

Marlene Chertok

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More than anything, I love working with beginners of all ages,  helping them to discover new things about themselves and their limitless abilities.  

When I began taking martial arts classes at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center over 15 years ago, I was an active avoider of fitness. I thought of my brain like a balloon on a string. I was always looking to learn more things, but my body was just along for the ride. Martial Arts training opened up a new world for me. Not only did I discover my own physical strength, but I discovered emotional and spiritual power that I never knew existed. 

After a few years of Taekwondo training I became interested in the healing side of martial arts, sometimes called “internal martial arts,” and I earned Black Belts in Taekwondo and Kimoodo, a healing art developed by Joon P. Choi that includes the best of traditional Korean and Chinese practices adapted for a modern American audience. I began teaching in the evenings and soon wanted to learn more about our amazing bodies, so I enrolled in the Personal Trainer program at Cincinnati State College where I learned about exercise science and body mechanics from an evidence-based perspective.  As a result, when I teach, I ground mind-body practice in the latest research and safety guidelines from sports medicine. 

I was inspired to study Tai Chi after visiting a Tai Chi for Arthritis class that my parents were taking in Massachusetts. That class was fun, and I saw the amazing wellness benefits, so I began working toward becoming a certified Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor.  This training has led to a daily Tai Chi practice and a deep enjoyment of the Chinese healing movement. I continue to enjoy learning about Tai Chi from Ralph Dehner at his School of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

I have always been a teacher, but a few years ago I left my university job teaching people about writing in order to focus on helping others discover mind-body wellness.  I currently teach Tai Chi and Healing Martial Arts at senior living communities and workplaces across greater Cincinnati. I love to spread the joy and magic of Tai Chi practice. I hope you will visit one of my classes.

Kristin Dietsche

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Nicole Christ

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