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About Us

Mission, Vision, Values



EngAging Seniors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that connects with older adults by providing in-person and virtual opportunities for community-building and life-long learning.


We see a vibrant “Social Hub” in which the well-being of older adults is enhanced, where they are less confined by age and circumstance and develop a newfound curiosity for the world.


We value the individual.

We empower older adults to be more involved, to learn new things, and to maintain old relationships while forming new and meaningful relationships.

We are inclusive and encourage the free and respectful expression of ideas.

We support older adults in breaking perceived barriers, whether it be personal, societal or educational.

We help promote the maximum level of independence older adults desire to achieve.

We advocate the unleashing of creativity.

We value older adults’ time thus we provide quality programming and activities.

We encourage having fun at every opportunity through our programming and special events.

Not a member yet? We'd love to have you laugh, learn and grow with us.

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