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OWL Everyday Technology

A unique program designed to help Seniors overcome common barriers with communication technology.

More and more organizations require that people access their services through a mobile device. Many Seniors feel left behind in this rapidly changing digital world.

Does that sound familiar? If so, we can help you learn how to use technology in a comfortable setting so you can more easily maintain your independence.

We pair Seniors with knowledgeable, vetted Senior Guides in two-on-one or small class environments.

Get hands-on practice with easy-to-understand concepts in a safe, judgement-free setting.

You will learn:

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Next Session Begins Wednesday July 24th at 1:30 PM Groesbeck Branch Library in Partnership with Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library




100% of participants saw value in the vocabulary

90% of participants used pre-loaded apps between classes

100% increase in confidence regarding Safey & Security

100% thought the Senior Guides were helpful

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OWL Everyday Technology—
Smartphone Basics for Beginners


Everyday Technology is a 4 week course designed for seniors with limited smartphone experience. Participants will learn smartphone terminology and have hands-on experience with a senior guide (seniors guiding seniors). Small class size and small teacher to participant ratios ensure individualized attention in a non-intimidating environment.

Each 2-hour class is divided into three sections:

  • Learning vocabulary

  • Security/safety tips

  • 2-1 sessions with a senior guide


Wednesdays 1:30 - 3:30 PM July 24 - August 14th Groesbeck Library

Wednesdays 1:30 - 3:30 PM September 4th- September 25 Deer Park


Groesbeck Branch Library: 2994 Galbraith Rd 45239 - July/August

Deer Park Branch Library: 4020 E Galbraith Rd. 45236 - September

Partnership with Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library

Advance Registration Required
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There are 1,300 different brands of Android smartphones; 24,000 distinctly different models (source:

Our experience has found that seniors are drawn to Androids due to their affordability.

The smartphone may be their introduction to digital devices. 

There is no class tailored to the unique needs of the senior population.

Older adults need the most basic smartphone skills, taught in small groups by other seniors who understand their challenges.

Smartphone User Manuals are mostly available online and through apps on some smartphones. Seniors have a strong preference for hard copies and many seniors do not have access to a printer. Furthermore, these manuals are too lengthy to be printed.

It cannot be assumed that all Seniors have a second device, e.g. laptop, to watch instructional videos.

Seniors with vision and/or hearing difficulties will find it extremely challenging to watch an instructional video on one device while trying to apply it directly to the use of their smartphone.

Accessibility features need to be taught so that seniors with deficits in sight, touch and hearing can use technology.

 Help may be available from family, but seniors hesitate to ask. “I feel stupid” is the response we heard.

Many Retailers are offering digital discounts/coupons only. Seniors are missing out.

Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 11.46.50 AM.png

I learned how to use a shortcut to shut my iPhone off, thus saving my arthritic fingers. Also how to put a call on the speaker while looking up something else, the importance of strong passwords and an awareness of downloading attachments. I enjoyed the instructor and guide's humor and use of examples. Great work! Very useful knowledge!

Mary R.

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