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Kristin Dietsche


More than anything, I love working with beginners of all ages, helping them to discover new things about themselves and their limitless abilities.

When I began taking martial arts classes at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center over 15 years ago, I was an active avoider of fitness. I thought of my brain like a balloon on a string. I was always looking to learn more things, but my body was just along for the ride. Martial Arts training opened up a new world for me. Not only did I discover my own physical strength, but I discovered emotional and spiritual power that I never knew existed.

After a few years of Taekwondo training I became interested in the healing side of martial arts, sometimes called “internal martial arts,” and I earned Black Belts in Taekwondo and Kimoodo, a healing art developed by Joon P. Choi that includes the best of traditional Korean and Chinese practices adapted for a modern American audience. I began teaching in the evenings and soon wanted to learn more about our amazing bodies, so I enrolled in the Personal Trainer program at Cincinnati State College where I learned about exercise science and body mechanics from an evidence-based perspective. As a result, when I teach, I ground mind-body practice in the latest research and safety guidelines from sports medicine.

I was inspired to study Tai Chi after visiting a Tai Chi for Arthritis class that my parents were taking in Massachusetts. That class was fun, and I saw the amazing wellness benefits, so I began working toward becoming a certified Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor. This training has led to a daily Tai Chi practice and a deep enjoyment of the Chinese healing movement. I continue to enjoy learning about Tai Chi from Ralph Dehner at his School of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and I have recently become a Senior Trainer with the Tai Chi for Health Institute.

I love to spread the joy and magic of Tai Chi practice. I hope you will visit one of my classes.


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